College athletes the shame of college

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College athletes deserve to be paid

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The ‘Black Hole’ of College Sports

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'The Shame of College Sports'

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Patt Morrison

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One important reform that should be adopted immediately to benefit all college athletes is to require all medical staff for teams be independent from coaches’ and athletic department authority.

Jul 09,  · Throughout Division I's Football Bowl Series programs, the football report found (findings are published quarterly by sport), athletes who entered college in graduated at rates The Shame of College Sports The Shame of College Sports.

By TAYLOR BRANCH In theory, the NCAA’s passion to protect the noble amateurism of college athletes should prompt it to focus on head coaches in the high-revenue sports—basketball and football—since holding the top official accountable should most efficiently discourage.

The documentary in question is Schooled: The Price of College Sports. Adapted from Taylor Branch’s The Cartel and The Shame of College Sports, the documentary promises to “ [present] a hard-hitting examination of the NCAA’s treatment of its athletes and amateurism in collegiate athletics.”.

College athletics in the United States

College Football teams across the U.S. are stepping up their entrances on game day. Watch the video above for some of the best entrances around the NCAA that put the WWE to shame.

Why College Athletes Should be Paid

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College athletes the shame of college
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Pay for play isn't the answer for college athletics